Wellness Saunas

Wellness Saunas are the newest and most advanced portable saunas on the market!

Our saunas offer a range of configurations, functionalities, accessories and options to suit your lifestyle and individual needs, allowing you to bring the experience of a commercial sauna into your own home.


Built To Survive

All Wellness Saunas products are built to last 10+ years.

True Spectrum Heaters

Our true spectrum heaters provide a comfortable and safe sauna experience every time.

360° Heat Exposure

Our infrared technology offers complete heat exposure from all angles, saving on energy and delivering maximum effectiveness.

Industry Experience

We are the experts in Infrared Saunas in Australia.

Quality Wood Materials

Wellness Saunas products use only
A grade hemlock wood.

Easy Assembly

Wellness Saunas are simple to assemble and instructions are provided with each sauna.


Customer Service and Warranty
You Can Count On

You can sit back and let our infrared saunas work their magic with peace of mind. Our saunas are covered by our lifetime warranty on our internal heaters, 5-year cabinet and electrical warranty along with our 1-year labour and stereo warranty.

Customer Testimonials

I purchased a Traditional style sauna from the team at Wellness Saunas a few months back and I have been blown away at how comfortable these are! The Traditional sauna allows me to use the hot rocks just like a commercial sauna but in the comfort of my own home and I’m absolutely wrapped! Wellness Saunas staff are friendly and even installed the unit for me at my house. Highly recommend! – John Covack

I bought my first Wellness Sauna last week and was able to manually assemble it myself, which is something I love. After only 20 minutes of putting it together, I had a completed sauna that worked amazingly. We had a small spot in our bungalow for the sauna and it looks amazing. After using the sauna daily for the last week, I have already started to notice how much less stressed I am and how good my skin is starting to feel. I love it and highly recommend! – Vanessa Ravli

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