If you are looking for the newest, most energy efficient form of heating and regulating your spa, look no further than the Eco Smart 73 system. All our Earth Spas come Eco Smart 73 ready giving you the option to save up to 73% in running costs and to significantly reduce the impact on our environment.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Saves 20% of water consumption in filter backwash

Variable Speed Pump

Variable Speed Pump

Save up to 85% in electricity consumption
Reduces by 75% sound level

Automatic Covers

Automatic Covers

Reduces evaporation by up to 65%
Saves 25% of heat energy

Led Lighting

LED Lighting

Save up to 92% in electricity costs



50% reduction on water consumption when washing the filter

glass filter medium save water consumption

Glass Filter Medium

Save 25% on water consumption on filter backwash


Free Chlorine & PH Controller

Save money and help the environment?

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