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Have the best of both worlds, offering you both fitness and relaxation in your backyard. Swim spas are a great option if you want more room than a traditional spa. Allowing you to swim against the swim jets, swim spas offer you a whole body work out while reducing stress on the body and muscles. Swim spas are often a more cost effective solution to traditional pools and have more added value with both relaxation and fitness benefits.

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Aqua Zone Series



Bring home exquisite luxury with the AquaZone Series. With seating for 5 including a spacious swim area, the AquaZone® is a complete fitness centre and a perfect addition to any outdoor living area.

Designed with dual temperature controls that maximise your hydrotherapy needs along with the ability to program the swim station jets to your desired choice, your fitness centre will always be ready when you are.



The V-Stream Swim Spa range is enhanced with features to cater to the whole family. Whether you’re teaching the kids to swim, keeping fit or training for something special, this swim spa has it all. With unsurpassed features such as 2 deep therapy seats, 2 upright seats and hydrotherapy jets, you will have the ultimate comfort and relaxation in your own backyard.

For the complete exercise, luxury relaxation and entertainment package bring home one of the V-Stream Models.




Whether you like to keep fit, entertain or simply relax, the Plunge has it all. Boasting hydrotherapy jets offering massage variations to suit everyone’s needs, this swim spa is designed for ultimate relaxation. With seating for 4 along with a single lounge and  2 fully adjustable power stream swim jets in the swim zone, the plunge offers the best of both worlds.

Available in 4 and 4.5 meter options to fit a range of backyard sizes, it’s the perfect option to enhance your families life.



Designed and engineered to provide a full body swimming experience, the Swim features swim station jets with customisable resistances to suit your swimming ability and style. With 4 seats and a single lounge, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy a powerful hydrotherapy massage.

The Swim offers 4 and 4.5 meter options, both with the same luxury features and layout, allowing you to select a size that best suits your needs.