Benefits of using a Spa

Arthritis Relief
Many GP’s recommend hydrotherapy as part of a comprehensive treatment for chronic arthritis pain. Just 10 to 15 minutes per day in water temperatures between 36 and 40’C (98F to 104F) can significantly improve your body’s coordination and flexibility.

Improves Sleep
Adults are supposed to sleep 7+ hours a day. A relaxing daily spa session can help you get the greatest benefits from the sleep you need which is vital for optimal health and a strong immune system.

Removes Toxins
Immersing yourself in a spa is an effective way to sweat out the impurities from your pores. At the same time, the water in the spa washes away the sweat produced, helping you wash away toxins absorbed during the day.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety
The heat from a hot tub stimulates blood circulation and calms the nervous system. It also lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels (the stress hormone) which aids the body to relax.

Improves Cardiovascular Health
Soaking in a spa can help increase your heart rate and lower blood pressure. Having your body underwater makes your heart work harder helping it stay in shape. Hot water can cause body temperature to rise which cause blood vessels to dilate, resulting in improved circulation.

Helps Manage Type 2 Diabetes
Being in a spa reduces peak blood sugar levels by hot water encouraging the release of heat shock proteins, which could help lower blood sugar levels by helping control insulin glucose uptake.

Helps Prostate Health
Sitting in a hot tub for 20 minutes at a time, three times a day, has been recommended to help reduce prostate swelling and promote healing by relaxing the pelvic muscles.

Extend Personal Independence
Exercising in the near-weightlessness of a spa requires minimal energy and strength. Continued exercise helps play a big part in extending your personal independence in your later years.

Ease Muscle Pains
Hot tubs have a relaxing effect on tight joints and muscles. Blood circulation is improved acting as a catalyst to help the pain. It can also be beneficial for muscular dystrophy & muscle atrophy problems.

Reduce Headaches
It is believed that headaches may be caused by muscle contractions within the neck and head. The heat of a hot tub can release the tension of these muscles and ease your headache.

Enhance Relationships
Why not allocate some time at the end of the day to spend time with your family or relaxing with friends.

Aquarius Swim Spas

An Aquarius Swim Spa is the perfect combination of a swimming pool and a jacuzzi. You can either swim against the current to work on your fitness or enjoy some well deserved relaxation time, within your very own familiar surroundings.

There are numerous benefits of using an Aquarius Swim Swim Spa, such as;

  • Water therapy treatments
  • Improve certain health conditions
  • Regular exercise which is easily accessible
  • Attractive to sports enthusiasts
  • Improves mental health
  • Improves relaxation
  • Provides great social/entertainment
  • Family time
  • You can use all year round
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Quick to install
  • Affordable
  • Great feature for your home
Urban Pools

Wellness Saunas

The heat generated from a sauna will help relieve sore muscles, make the user feel relaxed and rested and will generally improve your overall health and well-being.

However, if the high temperatures of a traditional sauna can sometimes be too much for you, an infrared sauna may be the option for you. An infrared sauna offers the benefits of a sauna but without the extreme heat. An infrared sauna does not heat the air around you, it utilizes infrared lamps to warm your body directly. They use infrared panels instead of conventional heat, which will heat up the body before heating up the air. They can operate at a lower temperature (between 120˚F & 140˚F) than a traditional sauna (150˚F & 180˚F).

Health Benefits:-

  • Infrared saunas allow you to experience a more intense sweat at a lower temperature (eg; 120-140F, rather than 150-180F with traditional saunas)
  • Can boost heart rate & reduce blood pressure
  • Improve circulation
  • Elevates serotonin levels
  • Provides improved sleep & relaxation
  • Detoxification
  • Can help with weight loss
  • Relief from joint/muscle pain
  • Can speed up muscle recovery
  • Relief from joint pain such as arthritis
  • Can help chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Clear and tighter skin
  • Can help with chronic fatigue syndrome

Aquarius Chill Tubs

An Aquarius Chill Tub is a therapeutic treatment that can provide a wide range of benefits to individuals and athletes.

Benefits of cold water therapy:-

  • Can Help to Improve Heart Health & Circulation
  • Can Lower Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Relieves Muscle Aches & Pain
  • Speeds Up Recovery Times
  • Enhances Immune Function
  • Relieves Stress
  • Boosts Mood, Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Enhances Quality of Sleep