Project Details

Overview: Refurbishment of pool over 45 years old to include surround stone slab

Liner pool refurbishment with sand mosaic liner, LED light, Calorex heat pump, solar panel reel and sand plastic slat cover.

Pool had been covered over with bison beams and a concrete slab stone for the last 5 years. We raised the pool walls and fixed a Crema Europa coping, added skimmers x 2, main drains x 2, inlets x 1, 1 x LED light@ Crema Europa coping and surround tile plus  an abri blue solar powered reel and slat cover. The pool plant included sand filter. Circulation pump and calorex heat pump, which are all found in the summer house (provided by others).

Certikin: Pool fittings and filtration: Liner
Calorex: Heating
SCP: Solar reel and cover