Swimming Pool Refurbishments

We have 20+ years’ worth of experience of pool refurbishment projects. We can cater for pretty much all types and models of pools, such as liner, concrete, fiberglass or one-piece pools. These can also either be in-ground or above-ground.

Pool Refurbishment in action


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Above Ground Pool

Above-Ground Swimming
Pool Installation

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge of installing above ground pools. Over 20 years ago, our business originally began with installing these little beauties, so we can guarantee that your above ground pool installation will always a great success!

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Endless Pools

We have 10+ years’ experience of; installing, repairing, maintaining & servicing Endless Pools.

Maintenance & Updating
Over time, light and pool chemicals may begin to fade your pool’s liner, or the chemically treated water may start to degrade the seals within the motor. Therefore, after having your Endless Pool for a period of between 7 to 10 years, you may wish to consider taking out one of our maintenance/renovation packages.

  • Liner Replacement Package
  • Motor & Hose Package
  • View the Endless Pool Replacement Kits
  • Complete Pool Renovation Package
  • Motor Change Package
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At Tauranga Pool & Spa you will find an extensive range of high quality products at a competitive price.

Pool Equipment

At Tauranga Pool & Spa we stock an extensive range of essential swimming pool equipment. All have been manufactured from the most reputable, reliable, well known named brands, such as; Balboa, Davey, Zodiac – to name but a few.