Spiral 1500 Solar Heater


  • Product Capacity 7L/1.85 gal
  • Box Dims: 1130x710x140mm/44.48″x27.95×5.51″
  • G.W.: 7.65 kgs /16.87lbs
  • Recommendation: use one for a pool of 5000L/1320 gal
  • Internal and External Dome: Poly carbonate with UV stabilizer
  • Base: Glass filled Poly Propylene
  • Hose: Poly Propylene blended with black carbon, synerclistic anti-oxidant and UV stabilizer
  • Dome Solar Transmission: 95%
  • Parabole Reflector: High quality durable reflecting material
  • Service: 1 Premium solar heater will serve a pool from 6m3 to 8m3 (result is depending on the density of the sunshine).
  • Heating Capacity: +/- 30.000 Btu/day